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The member card club is based on Tracy's Amazon Bestseller for over 3 years. The monthly membership has weekly lessons that take you through the steps to start making money. As an Affiliate, you make 50% each month for as long as the person stays in tracys pic the club. You can recommend any other product offered in the club and you continue to make a commission with your affiliate link.



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You've probably heard the story of how I earned over $95,717 in my first 5 months, became a bestselling author in 58 days, won the new Internet Marketing Success of the Year, became the only woman to speak at Britpack Live in the UK, became an International platform speaker, am recognized as a Quantum Leap Specialist by Best ...

all in JUST 8 months!


 I've had thousands of people ask me ...

"How did you do it?"

"Can you show me how to do the same thing?"

Then I decided to put together this mentoring program.


When I discovered Internet Marketing I had never seen an industry that could give so much, so fast, yet for some, could practically swallow them whole. 

It would overwhelm with information, allow them to buy things they didn't need, cause them to lose focus, waste time, and get frustrated never being able to make it work like everyone else did.

Then the feeling of failure would set in, or a disbelief in all things internet marketing. 

Well I couldn't watch as this happen to my new friends and contacts, and see their dreams shattered, or given up on, or they were no further along than when we first met.


My one-on-one coaching program is almost $10,000, so this was my way of providing you with a cost-effective way to get the same information.

It's a step-by-step program where I show you exactly what you need to do to set up a business selling information products on line. 

How you can
systemize, monetize and residualize.
Everything will be revealed week after week.

I provide tips in this program that I only reveal to my coaching clients,

that can save you time, money, and

in some cases, the loss of your entire list. 

This isn't in any book I have written, and you will only find it in this or my coaching programs.  I'll put those in a special box so that you'll recognize them, and KNOW that these are critical.

Here's how you can go from being tied to your business, to making money while you sleep.


As a member of the mentoring program, here's what you'll get:

Members-only Teleseminar A great way to start is to meet me, as I present and discuss with you pertinent topics to what is going on the industry that will affect you, or take I may take a subject from the eclasses and really expand, or do a live analysis or example break-out.  These will be announced to members as they are organized, and all of them will end with you being able to ask me questions directly.   These will also be recorded and you can refer to them at your convenience.

Access to the members-only website which is constantly updated with valuable information about making money selling information products on-line.

Weekly eclasses which are emailed to you. These take you step by step through the whole process, with heaps of examples, tools, tips and templates.

Interviews with people who have helped us along the way. Because things change so quickly on-line, this is a great way to keep up.

A weekly affirmation to match the eclass, to ensure that you keep your mindset strong and maintain a positive attitude while you launch your dreams.

A new eBook every week to also assist you with business and skill building.

A question and answer section on the website, with answers to frequently asked questions. You can also send in your own questions and ideas.

Offers and discounts on website building, copywriting, ebook writing, and useful information products.

My goal is to get you enough discounts and deals during the year to pay back the cost of this coaching program at least 5-fold.


 To become a member for only $1 for 3 weeks of lessons, just use the coupon code ISUTRIAL please click the Sign Up link below to go to my secure server. There you will create your membership profile and get started. After the trial period the jam packed membership is just $47 for 4 lessons.


The club and membership is guaranteed - if it is not getting you the knowledge, the methods and change in your results, ask for you refund. seal  
Have questions? Let us know, just go to Help me!

To your future prosperity

Tracy Repchuk
Recurring Riches for Life Coach

Amazon Bestseller of
" 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles "



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